Bitcoin will be worth $1 million in 90 days!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – In a recent post by Balaji, Bitcoin $1 million in 90 days reach the level $1 million bet shared with their users. James Medlock dollar hyperinflation that you won’t live Citing a post in which he placed a $1 million bet on the matter, Balaji made confident claims that he would win the bet.

US dollar serious devaluation Emphasizing that it is coming, the analyst will say in case he loses the bet. USDC He asked for help on how to fix the rate on a smart contract.

I will take this bet. Given the BTC price of $26,000, that’s a 40 to 1 rate. Duration 90 days. All we need is a mutually agreed custodian who can settle the deal if the dollar devalues. If anyone knows how to do this with a smart contract, we can do it online so that I can send USDC.

Balaji’s talk, the global banking crisis and the last week of the Fed. $400 billion printing indicating that events will escalate into new crises in the near future. Balaji, who believes that a slowdown in money printing and higher interest rates will lead to severe dollar hyperinflation, stressed that while the dollar is rapidly depreciating, Bitcoin will hit the $1 million mark within 3 months.

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