Borsa İstanbul raises expectations for 2023

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Istanbul Exchange, which broke a record with more than 150 percent growth since the beginning of the year, stood out positively from other markets and became the investment vehicle of choice in 2022, influenced by economic policy. The positive picture seen in BIST throughout the year has drawn attention to stock market performance in 2023. While periods of high inflation saw record highs in stock markets; small investors mostly gravitated towards equities. Growth of more than 150 percent last year has also boosted expectations for 2023. However, experts note that after a sharp increase in the near future, sales of profits are possible. According to experts who said that next year it may be difficult to show the same results, but there is no alternative to the stock market in Turkey, the increase in foreign direct investment and the presence of venture capital companies in BIST can have a positive effect. effects.

The year BIST broke records; There has also been a significant increase in public offerings. As of November, 33 companies have held public offerings for a total of 14.2 billion lira. The number of companies traded on the stock exchange amounted to 482. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the net purchase of shares by non-residents for the week from December 2 reached $340 million. EuropeAccording to a Finimize study of 2,000 individual investors in Asia and the US, 65 percent of investors intend to continue their investment in 2023. While the 1% segment plans to sell its assets; Another 38% said they would continue to invest in crypto, citing the cost of living and rising interest rates as a cause for concern.


Sukru Cem Kaya, Domestic Market Director, Ata Investment: BIST, which remained unopposed with the applied economic model, provided its investors with a return of 16% in TL and 85% in dollar terms. Geopolitical developments, post-election uncertainty and lack of discounts on the Istanbul Stock Exchange are the most important topics. Upward movements remain limited; We need new news. It seems difficult for BIST to maintain these numbers in 2023 under the current conditions.


Founder of Pariterium Consulting Dr. Ismet Demirkol: An increase in the number of domestic investors will also have a positive impact on 2023. This will be facilitated by the fact that companies registered in the entrepreneurial ecosystem operate in BIST. If we can attract at least $60 billion in foreign direct investment in 2023, the portfolio will expand even more, which will contribute to an export-led growth model.


Seda Yalchinkaya Ozer, research manager at Integral Investment:

We expect BIST growth to continue in the first half of 2023. New public offerings could positively impact demand through June as BIST is the unrivaled channel best responsive to yield seeking. I do not foresee such high returns in 2023. We see strong, low-debt companies holding their own even if the stock market drops.


Technical founder of Crypto Oytun Es: I think next year will be positive for cryptocurrencies. In the new year, the macroeconomic balance is in favor of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. If other equity markets follow the FTX crisis, we will have a hard time for a while. There is a bone cryptocurrency investor in our country and he continues to invest regardless of the circumstances.

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