Bottega Veneta now offers a lifetime warranty on its bags

Bottega Veneta has begun issuing a “Certificate of Craft”, which stands for a lifetime warranty on its bags. The Craft Certification stands for lifetime warranty and offers unlimited replacement and repair options for the brand’s iconic bags.

The fashion house’s free maintenance service highlights the durability of the craftsmanship that makes Bottega Veneta so special.

Explaining that they want to further encourage the use of their products by transferring their products from generation to generation with the Craft Certificate, Bottega Veneta CEO Leo Rongone said in a statement on the subject, “Bottega Veneta is an exceptional boat with its excellent design and excellent design.

Craft certification provides our customers with long-term protection of their products. “Born out of our desire to provide world-class service. We are focused on needs that replace responsible growth.”

 From November, customers at Bottega Veneta boutiques will receive a craftsmanship certificate for each item in the form of a card linked to the item’s serial number.

Explaining that the Craft certificate embodies the founding principles of Bottega Veneta, Leo Rongone said, “Our vision continues to be consistent with the vision of our founders. They wanted the Bottega Veneta to represent the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. We count the days, not the hours, to make our products, and “They’re all designed to last forever,” he said.


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