Breaking news… Husband minister: 3 tests will be done at the same time with one mass

SAFAQNA TURKEY – Health Minister Fahrettin Koca answered journalists’ questions after the Cabinet meeting and made statements on the agenda.

The health minister was asked about the situation in Turkey, and China was one of the countries that stepped up measures due to the rise in cases of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Declaring that China as a country has been implementing very strict regulations since the start of the pandemic, Minister Koca said, “Because we have a different situation, this situation is beyond doubt.”

Adding that he does not expect a major increase in cases during the winter months, Minister Koca stressed that the current number of daily cases is around 3,000 and that we will never be able to take action like in China.

Koca emphasized that citizens at risk can receive the Turkovac vaccine without hesitation.


Corona virus, influenza and now RSV. With this disease, which especially threatens school-age children, a “viral cocktail” has spread rapidly.

Referring to this issue, the Minister of Health said: “Infections mix with each other. Influenza (flu) and RSV cases are observed more intensively. We will now look at the triple airway panel when scanning. In other words, Influenza A, Influenza B, Covid-19 and RSV will be tested at the same time with one kit.

Koca also said that the developed kit will be activated within a month.


Speaking about the fake doctor Ayse Ozkiraz, who was treated for 4 months at the Tekirdag Çerkezköy State Hospital, Koca said: “You know, we have appointed an inspector, the event will probably be more clearly understood in a day or two. Accordingly, it will become clear what actions we should take. We will announce it to the public,” he said.


Koca stated that the fake doctor Ayse Ozkiraz did not start work and did not receive a salary.

In response to the question “Will diplomas be questioned in the future, is there another example”, Koja used the following statements:

“In our country, it is clear how all diplomas will be checked, not just doctors. We also store records in our own database. We have a strong IT infrastructure. For us, this is a unique example. We will do what is necessary. Requests for supervision and internships must be processed through provincial health departments. This is our current practice. We evaluate the event in all its aspects.”

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