Butter rose in price by 17.58% in November.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the increase in butter consumption was followed by an increase in consumption of fresh milk by 15.71 percent, cheese by 15.05 percent and beverages by 14.02 percent.

Other products with the largest price increases in November include vegetables (excluding potatoes and some tubers), rice with 10.87%, potatoes and some tubers with 8.28% and dried vegetables with 8.24%.

Last month, the largest price reduction was for children’s clothing – 5.56%.

This is followed by intercity passenger road transport with 2.18%, women’s clothing with 2.14%, men’s clothing with 1.66%, data processing equipment with 1.47% and non-electric cookware and household appliances with 0.97%.

The other products that saw prices decline the most in November were sugar, down 0.89%, eggs and egg products, down 0.2%, and passenger air travel, down 0.13%.

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