By 2050, one in two children may have autism!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – April 2, which has been celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day since 2007, is celebrated to draw public attention to autism and raise awareness.

While stating that the most important thing about autism is education, Gümüş noted that early diagnosis and intensive autism education are very important.

“There is no cause or cure for autism”

Speaking about what causes autism and that there is no cure, Gümüş said: “There is no known cure for autism, and it is not known what causes autism. The factors that cause autism are also unclear. But known factors; It is believed that this is a genetic predisposition, dietary changes, air pollution. Since there is no cure for autism, education seems to be the best way out. Intensive training, early diagnosis. The sooner the diagnosis is made and training begun, the better for the children. Unfortunately, there is no full-fledged intensive education in our country. There are also very few teachers with special education. Most educational institutions usually hire teachers on a contract basis. It would be much more useful if there were field teachers. With intensive training, these children can become independent and even self-diagnose.” used phrases.

“They must exist in social life”

Emphasizing the need to ensure that people with autism survive in society, Gümüş said: “Another problem is that our children, who graduate from vocational schools after 12th grade, have very nowhere to go. There is only 2 hours of training left, which they received in rehab centers. For children after the 12th grade, intensive training and directions for employment and social skills should be opened. Various studies are currently being carried out. These studies need to use children in industry or suitable jobs, accompanied by employment mentors, and adapt them to social life. It is necessary to ensure their existence and position in public life.” He said.

‘Autism Emergency Action Plan Needed to be Activated’

Stating that there are almost no nursing homes in Turkey, Gümüş said: “Currently, there is one care center in Sakarya Arifie where people with autism are staying. With the improvement of the conditions of the help centers where people with autism will be located, their number should also increase. Because children in children’s centers cannot live with other mentally retarded children. Because there are practically no nursing homes that they could go to. There is one in Turkey, the second is in the process of opening. The second Autism Action Plan has a time frame for them. These times should be much shorter. In other words, it is not the first or second autism action plan that needs to go into action, but the emergency autism action plan. Nursing homes for these children should be very comprehensive. They should be the centers of life. Not only dormitories, but also residential buildings must have an environment in which they can work, receive sports training, swim and contribute to production. In other words, the answer after us is the centers of life. These residential centers must also have trained staff. You need to have conscious people who can train them, show patience. Because this is not the kind of service that can be rendered to ordinary people.” said.

“Make eye contact”

Mentioning some of the symptoms that families should look out for in early diagnosis, Gümüş said: “Families should also be educated. The family needs to know what kind of upbringing he will give his child when he is left alone with the child at home. After the ninth month, this begins to be gradually noticed. She needs to make eye contact with her mother. If they do not maintain eye contact with their mother, their gurgling and babbling are abnormal, if they do not receive commands at one and a half to two years of age, these are very important indicators. Repetitive movements. Hand clapping, certain wheel spins… These are clear signs of autism. Children with autism often look away, do not focus. As soon as this is noticed, training should begin immediately. They should receive various trainings to increase the lack of incentive. If the lack of stimulus is not eliminated and socialization is not completed, autism has already been diagnosed.” he warned.

“We have difficulties in relations with neighbors”

Stating that society is responsible for autism and that society should provide the necessary support, Gümüş said: “Society has become more conscious than before. In the past, this awareness was not a little more. For example, there is something that we are told a lot about; “This is your test.” So what are the responsibilities of society in this exam? Society needs to think about this a little. Here we have come to a point where this social responsibility is no longer a problem for humanity. In other words, the person must respond and provide the necessary support without expecting anything in such a situation. The most difficult issue for us is relations with neighbors. Because our kids can make a lot of noise at home when the time comes. You can’t talk to your neighbors. They need to be able to understand it. The community should help with this. I would like all families to come and see NGOs like us. It is best to come and see our children and their families here one on one. He understands it when he sees it.” used phrases.

“In 2050, one in two children may have autism”

Stating that research should be supported by society, Gümüş made important warnings and said: “Initially, the incidence of autism was one in ten thousand. In past years it was one in fifty. The numbers released by the American Health Agency in recent years have dropped to one in thirty-six. It is believed that in 2050 one in two children may have autism. Autism is on the rise so much that schools, treatment and rehabilitation centers are in short supply. Society should not say that this work is far from me. Something that can happen to everyone tomorrow. We must be careful with what we eat and drink. I think that the reason for this is environmental pollution, pesticides, fertilizers. In other words, the amount of vitamin C you would get from a kilo of oranges now is incomparably less than the amount of vitamin C you got ten years ago.” said.

“I invite families to contribute to civil society”

Emphasizing that despite the large number of families with autism in Kocaeli, the number of families united in civil society is very small, Gümüş said: “The most important issue here is early diagnosis and intensive education. The reason we call this the autism spectrum is because there is a wide variety of children from one end to the other. No child is like another. There are also very smart children. There are children who are able to memorize a phone diary and very quickly do all the mathematical operations in their minds. But there are also children who are not self-sufficient and still need the care of their parents. We also have volunteers. There are also families in which children have autism. However, despite the fact that there are thousands of autistic children and families in Kocaeli, the number of families contributing to a civil society united in a civil society is very small. In fact, civil society creates an alliance of forces. The strength of civil society is the people behind it and next to it. I invite all families throughout society, whether volunteering or families with autism, to contribute to civil society, become members and join forces.” He ended his speech with his own words.

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