Can brain aging be slowed down?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The theme of the Turkish Neurological Society’s Brain Awareness Week from 13 to 19 March 2023 is “Love your brain, change your life!” determined how. Uskudar University, NPİSTANBUL Hospital, neurology specialist, prof. Dr. Oguz Tanrydağ made an assessment of brain health and healthy brain aging in his statement in connection with Brain Awareness Week.

Super-aging theory comes to the fore

Ascertaining the two-way interaction of genes and the environment during brain aging, prof. Dr. Oguz Tanrydag said that in recent years, the “super-aging theory” has come to the fore, designed to prevent brain aging. Claiming that super old people are over 80 years old, these are people who show age indicators of 50-55 years old on memory tests. Dr. Oguz Tanrydag said: “These people tend to lead an active lifestyle, are sociable, indulge themselves from time to time and are optimistic about life and events. Their IQ is within the normal average age. Super-aging seems to be a group dominated by the genetic factor, and the environmental factor integrates it.” said.

Pay attention to these signs of early brain aging!

Stating that people with premature aging of the brain have some problems, prof. Dr. Oguz Tanridag listed them as difficulty absorbing new information, difficulty adapting to new environments, prolonged traumatic exposure to past events, difficulty making plans and programs, forgetting names and numbers, and anger control disorder.

Learning new information continues

Paying attention to the common features of super-old people, prof. Dr. Oguz Tanrydag said: “Over-aged people have no difficulty in adapting to their positive and optimistic personality structure, and learning new information continues. At the age of 85, a book is written, a project is carried out, a picture is drawn. In superaging, there is a memory for 25-30 years. Therefore, they continue to make plans and programs,” he said.

Heed these suggestions to slow down aging!

Listing his recommendations for superaging, Prof. Dr. Oguz Tanrydag said, “You can learn new hobbies such as reading and writing more, develop your hidden talents, such as learning marble art after 50 years, learning to play the piano. Spending time with groups other than their own age groups and an environment created by values ​​such as trust, status, opportunity, and money in your pocket is called a comfort zone, and one must move beyond it.” He said.

Attention, risk factors in women!

Paying attention to the factors that threaten the health of the brain of women in terms of premature aging, prof. Dr. Oguz Tanridag listed the incidence of chronic depression, which is considered a sign of menopause and premature aging, which changes the neurohormonal and neurochemical balance of the brain and activates brain wear factors. prof. Dr. Oguz Tanrydag also stated that the economic, cultural and social difficulties faced by women around the world are seen as another factor that causes and exacerbates brain aging in women.

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