Cars announced with a rise in price in November


Automotive columnist Emre Ozpeinirci said: “While Minister Nebati’s statements lead everyone to expect an increase in the tax base, the increase continues in November. Today, many models received a second increase in November.” Özpeynirci listed the cars that were enlarged after this announcement.


Clio 3.7-4.2%

Talian 3.3-10.9%

Kaptur 4.3-11.5%

Megan 2.7-4.5%

Express van 5.6%


Sandero 6.2%

Sandero Stepway 5.9%-6.5%

Duster 5.4-7.2%

Volkswagen Commercial |  Dogus Auto


Caddy 2.5%

Caddy Gruz 3-3.1%

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All models increased by 4 percent.

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From the beginning of November; Fiat Egea Sedan has risen in price by 1.7-9.9%, and Fiat Egea Cross – by 1.6-3.3%. The price of the cheapest Egea starts at 402,900 TL.

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208 3-4.8%

2008 2.2-3.7%

308 3-3.1%

3008 6.1-7.2%

5008 4%

Rifter 5.2-6.3%

Opel price list for February 2022 -


Opel Corsa 0-3.5%

Astra 2.7-3.7%

Crossland 3.9-6.3%

Mocha 4.3-6.3%

Grandland 2.3-4.6%

Insignia 5%

Combo 5.9-6%

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С3 0-5%

C3 Aircross 4.3-4.9%

С4 5.6-6.7%

С5 4.9-5.5%

Mercedes-AMG G63

In the end, Ozpeinirci said: “Mercedes prices have also gone up. With the hardware changes, sales of the C series increased by 6.1%, and the rest of the models increased by an average of 3.1%,” he said.

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