A critical stage in the process of creating a domestic combat aircraft …

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – One by one, the critical phases of the National Combat Aircraft Project are being completed, with the Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) assuming the role of chief integrator under the coordination of the Defense Industries Board (SSB). While the process, which is the most critical step in the project, was running, the body … Read more

Electricity exchange between Turkey and Iran begins

SHAFAQNA TURKEY- Iran has started an electricity exchange program with neighboring countries, including the Republic of Azerbaijan and Russia. Iranian Electricity Sector Representative Mustafa Rejebi Mashhadi, in a meeting with ISNA, announced that the power exchange with Turkey has started and said, “Currently, we are buying the equivalent of 3.5 days of electricity from Turkey … Read more

New record from Borsa Istanbul

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The BIST 100 index rose to 4803.88 at the opening, up 23.14 points and 0.48 percent from the previous close. The banking index increased by 0.16 percent, while the holding indices increased by 0.31 percent. While all sectoral indices started the day with growth, the largest income was brought by construction – … Read more

said that a large amount of cryptocurrency was stolen!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The eyes of the crypto world are on the FTX bankruptcy case, which has stalled in recent weeks. Investors and partners hunt for assets they can salvage, while clients struggle to determine who might be responsible for losing money. Now, following the resignation of Sam Bankman-Fried, controlled by a new CEO and … Read more

Where is Turkey located in the world?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Turkey will be the 20th largest economy in the world in 2021 and 2022, according to the World Economic Outlook report, which was released by the IMF in October 2022 and includes updated data. According to the report, by 2024 Turkey will rise to 19th place in the list of the largest … Read more

Waiting for a big record below!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – While purchases of gold by individual investors around the world have accelerated since the beginning of the year, gold ETFs have declined. Experts say: “If investor interest increases, the rally will continue.” In the US, an ounce of gold, which entered an uptrend due to lower-than-expected inflation, fell below $1,740 this week … Read more

Big discount on car price

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Finance and Treasury Minister Nureddin Nebati said in a recent statement that the SCT rates for cars will not change, but the SCT base will be updated. Thus, for vehicles that fall into the lower tax base, a 10-20 percent reduction in SCT will be made. Prices for models that are not … Read more