The UK egg supply is in crisis

SAFAKNA TURKEY- In the UK, there is a restriction on the sale of eggs. In some large supermarkets, you can only buy two or three boxes of eggs. Rising production costs and bird flu are cited as reasons for limiting the sale of eggs. More than 750,000 chickens have been slaughtered in the UK since … Read more

Critical Straits Solution

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Turkey will request a letter stating that their insurance will include ships carrying crude oil that will pass through the straits in bulk. According to a letter from the Department of Transportation seen by Bloomberg, the ships in question will send a letter from the insurance companies to the Coast Guard, including … Read more

Islam Memish warns by saying “stay away”

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The record exchange rate of the dollar on December 20 again exceeded 18 Turkish liras, despite the KKM. They began to wonder in what direction the dollar exchange rate would move, which had been in a narrow corridor of 18.50-18.70 for weeks. A well-known financial analyst Islam Memish made a noteworthy comment … Read more

Binance: We will continue to grow in Turkey

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Gleb Kostarev, Regional President of Binance Asia, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, said that Turkey is an important country for them and that they will continue to grow in Turkey. Kostarev, who came to Turkey as part of the Istanbul Blockchain Week and answered our questions, said: “We … Read more

Tech companies are targeting 35-60 percent growth by 2023.

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The fourth tech company pay and employment policy study by Endeavor Turkey, a tech company with its research institute Melon, has been released. The study indicated that all companies made additional unplanned pay increases in 2022, and the total increase exceeded headline inflation. Relative to 2023, company payroll announcements were averaged across … Read more

Home sales fell 25% in October

According to SHAFAQNA TURKEY-TUIK, sales of houses in Turkey in October decreased by 25.3 percent compared to the same month last year and amounted to 102,660 units. Used car sales also fell 26.7%. Housing sales in Turkey in October decreased by 25.3 percent compared to the same month last year and amounted to 102,660 units. … Read more

Apple changes the supply of chips

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Apple is preparing to supply chips for its devices from a plant under construction in Arizona, USA. Apple is preparing to buy chips for its devices at a factory under construction in Arizona in the US, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday. Citing statements by CEO Tim Cook at an internal meeting with … Read more

Home sales in Turkey fell by 25 percent

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Sales of houses in Turkey in October decreased by 25.3 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and amounted to 102,660. According to TUIK data, Istanbul had the highest proportion of home sales with 16,987 home sales or 16.5 percent. In terms of sales, Istanbul is followed by Ankara … Read more

Dollar – euro how much today?

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The dollar/Turkish lira is trading at 18.61 after the day started unchanged. Moving in the 18.57-18.64 range yesterday, the dollar/Turkish lira closed the day at 18.6082, slightly above the previous close. The dollar/Turkish lira is trading at 18.6110, slightly above the previous close, after a new day started flat. Euro/Turkish lira traded … Read more