Don’t let chronic fatigue syndrome get in the way of your life

The terms used in the community as neurodiabetes or symptoms of neurodiabetes are actually the disease of diabetes itself. So does stress affect diabetes? The answer is a big yes. Beyond the normal ups and downs of life, diabetes itself is a cause of stress. Although life with diabetes is never easy, and many people … Read more

Improve Your Sex Life With Exercise I The LifeCo

Let movement into your life! Regular active exercise contributes to an energetic sex life, improves performance and awakens desire. Exercise regulates blood circulation, hormones and improves mood, as well as increasing strength and endurance. Nothing improves your mood like a good body workout. Exercise has many benefits for sexual activity, including increased circulation, energy, and … Read more

8 Benefits of Strength Training I The LifeCo

Weight training has evolved into a form of exercise that can be used not only by bodybuilding enthusiasts, but by everyone at different levels. Weight training has many positive effects such as improved posture, better sleep, support for weight loss, metabolic boosting effects, reduced inflammation, and help protect against chronic disease. Here are the best … Read more

The Most Beneficial Exercises During Pregnancy I LifeCo

One of the biggest misconceptions pregnant women fall into is that they think exercise and physical activity are more likely to harm the baby or themselves. Contrary to this stereotype, some light exercises that can be done during pregnancy are completely safe. It is very important to move, do exercises that activate blood circulation and … Read more