Ibn Sina’s most effective brain-relaxing spice!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Headache is a type of pain for which many people cannot find a cure. Ibn-i Sina described a method that is useful for headaches and recommended it even to people who do not have this problem. The recipe proposed by Ibn Sina is as follows: Pour 5 cups of drinking water into … Read more

Mortality is high if streptococcus A is not treated early.

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Faculty of Medicine, Hacettepe University, Lecturer in the Department of Child Health and Diseases and Member of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health Prof. Dr. Atesh Kara said the Streptococcus A bacteria, which is spread among children in Europe and found in Turkey, is not a new species; however, he … Read more

Minister Koca announced that we are in a new era against SMA

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Health Minister Koca issued a statement on his Twitter account: “We launched a program to screen premarital couples and newborns for SMA in May 2022. To date, we have examined 760,789 infants and 601,507 adults. We had the opportunity to treat eligible children diagnosed with SMA early. “We have entered a new … Read more

What is the effect of nutmeg spice on the liver?

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Muscat; A spice with healing properties that heals stomach ulcers and aids digestion… Many people prefer nutmeg because it makes digestion easier. Sometimes, for the same reason, even a small piece of nutmeg is added to Indian sweets. In addition, nutmeg is a spice recommended by nutritionists; because nutmeg regulates irregular bowel … Read more

Shortage of medicines in European countries

SAFAKNA TURKEY- According to a recent study, European countries are constantly facing drug shortages. The Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) conducted a survey of pharmacies in 29 countries, including EU member states, Turkey, Norway and North Macedonia. The results of the survey showed that the shortage of medicines in most European countries has … Read more

Streptococcus A Outbreak Alert from the Department of Health

SAFAKNA TURKEY – in information published by the Directorate General of Public Health; All the details about how streptococcus A is transmitted, its symptoms, treatment and emergencies are included. What is Streptococcus A Group A beta-hemolytic streptococci can rarely cause serious and life-threatening infections. Serious, life-threatening group A beta-hemolytic infections occur when bacteria enter the … Read more

Lesser Known Conditions That Raise Blood Pressure

SHAFAQNA TURKEY. While salt and stress are the main culprits in high blood pressure, there are other tricky enemies that will cause your blood pressure to rise. sweet foods Sugar consumption, although not as much as salt, increases both high and low blood pressure. This effect is likely due to excess insulin. Loneliness It’s not … Read more

The food we eat every day can raise blood pressure

SAHAFAQNA TURKEY-High blood pressure can pose a great risk to our health. Many people in society are not aware that they have high blood pressure. Untreated blood pressure can cause serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke. Many of the foods we enjoy in everyday life can raise blood pressure. The food we … Read more

The fattest child in the world at 9 years old

SHAFAKNA TURKEY. A child named Aria Permana, who lives in the West Java region of Indonesia, weighed 200 kilograms when she was 9 years old. The little boy who suddenly went viral after images of him were posted on social media is the most famous in the country… The fattest child in the world at … Read more