Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Sentop met with the Prime Minister of Hungary – News details

ANKARA (IGFA) – Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mustafa Sentop, in his speech at the meeting, wished that close relations with Hungary, which have developed on the basis of sincere dialogue, be strengthened and maintained during the reign of the new government. According to the news on the official website of the Turkish … Read more

President of TRNC Tatar: Nothing but rising tension – News Details

TRNC (IGFA) – In a written statement, President Ersin Tatar reacted to the fact that Greek ministers and deputies received weapons training after Greek priests. In a statement, President Tatar said that the fact that Greek ministers and deputies, following the Greek priests, are now conducting target shooting serves nothing more than to increase tension … Read more

Turkey’s reaction to Russia; “We reject”

ANKARA (IGFA) – The following statements were included in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; “Turkey did not recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia in an illegitimate referendum held in 2014, and each time emphasized its strong support for the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Ukraine. In line with this position, … Read more

Rocket hit Poland: 2 dead! – News details

ANKARA (IGFA) – According to Polish media reports, a powerful explosion occurred in the region. Two people died because of a rocket that fell from an unknown source in the village of Pshevodov, on the country’s border with Ukraine. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki issued statements after an emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers. … Read more

G20 Calls for ‘Abolition of War’ – News Details

ANKARA (IGFA) – The summit of the G20 leaders, which brought together the largest economies of the world, ended with the demand for the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russia from the territory of Ukraine, calling for the fact that today’s century should not be a century of wars. The summit, which brought together G20 … Read more