Chicago hosted “Turkish Night” – News Detail

Sema BAYRAKDAR – / USA (IGFA) – The city of Chicago, located in the state of Illinois in the United States of America, once again hosted the traditional Turkish night of the musical ensemble of the Middle East.

At the Turkish Night held in Chicago, besides the maqams of Turkish music; I’m on a long and thin road, Edremit’s bride, I’m Dimple, I can’t find a cure, I don’t tell anyone, complain, Neyleyim mansion, Danesi pomegranate, Oy Trabzon Trabzon, Chokertme, Chambermde Rose Oya, Also played “I entered the vineyard of love” tonight”.

In a group of 100 people: Erkan Celme (Baglama, guitar), Furkan Erkan (Baglama, Ney, vocals), Kaan Kargyn (percussion, keyboards, vocals), Omer Izgi (Oud, vocals), Oya Dubey (percussion) and Bulent. Köse (Baglama, Oud, Ney, vocals) and Turkish dancer Barysh Koç, a former dancer of Fire of Anatolia, presented to the public a unique visual show with the Zeybek dance and the performance of “Chokertme”.

Meanwhile, Vanis Zarur, head of the Middle East Music Ensemble, who performed at the Turkish Night, also gave an exclusive interview to correspondent Seme Bayrakdar.

Vanis Zarour, founder and director of The Middle East Music Ensemble in Chicago, who started making music at the age of 7, said he is a fan of Turkish music.


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