Citizens show increased interest in blood donation in Siverek district

SHAFAQNA TURKEY. The blood donation campaign was organized in the Siverek district of Şanlıurfa in cooperation with the Turkish Red Crescent and NGOs. Following previous statements by the Red Crescent that blood supplies had dwindled and fallen below the minimum level, Siverek’s public organizations invited citizens to donate blood.

On the first day of the two-day Red Crescent and NGO action, residents of Siverek lined up in long lines to donate blood. The campaign, which began after the hour of Iftar in connection with the onset of the month of Ramadan, continues until the time of sahure.

Noting that after the February 6 earthquake, there was a serious need for blood across the country, and blood supplies fell below the minimum, President of the telephone association “Sanliurfa – One Drop of Blood” Ibrahim Dizlek said: “As interest in blood donation declines With the beginning of the month of Ramadan, we , as public organizations, cooperated with the Red Crescent, together organized an action in Siverek.

We are organizing this campaign in the center of Sanlıurfa and in all its districts. Today we are in the Siverek district, many thanks to the residents of Siverek, there is great interest, which made us very happy.

Blood donation starts after iftar and continues until suhoor. The residents of Siverek were very sensitive to this issue, many thanks to them,” said Abdurrahman Aslan, who donated blood. We heard that blood counts have decreased in Kyzylay, this is very important for us, I urge all citizens to donate blood.”

Hakan Dislek, a patient with thalassemia, said: “I myself am a thalassemia patient. Due to recent natural disasters in our country, the blood supply has decreased. Blood is a constant need for both us and patients. I invite all our citizens to donate blood for us from thalassemia , leukemia and other hereditary patients.

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