Clever dog that lost its owner, turned to the police

A dog named Rosie, who lost his owner, having left her in England, found a solution to go to the police. The smart dog went to the police station in Leicestershire and waited for the authorities to contact the owner. Rosie’s moments were shared by the police.

Leicestershire Police released footage showing Rosie addressing them yesterday, posting: ‘We filmed Rosie the Border Collie on security camera so you can see her approaching the doors before she comes in and sits down. into the corner. Clever dog!” shared your message. Considered to be one of the smartest dog breeds, Rosie’s border collie was said to have escaped while walking with her owner and then took refuge in the police station and sat in the corner waiting for the police to contact the owner.

Police said they gave Rosie water and that she made many friends at the station: “Luckily she was on a leash so she had a clue to contact the owner, who was happy that Rosie was found safe and sound.” . Rosie was walking her second dog when she ran away. What a sweet, smart dog.”

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