Contributions paid in pensions will be taken into account

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin spoke about pensions and the minimum wage in a show he participated in in HaberTürk and said: “Judicially, pensions are regulated in July. We will review all this in July. Given the premium paid, there will be a gradual increase,” he said.

The highlights from Minister Bilgin’s statements are as follows:

“By court order, pensions are issued in July. When we made 7,500 lira, the demand was intense and justified. When we earned 7,500 lira, about 9.5 million people took advantage of it. We have about 15 million pensioners. There are people who cannot take advantage of this and have paid premiums. They were in great demand. Mr. President, we will agree on them in the program he attended. We will review all this in July. There will be a gradual increase taking into account the premium paid.

How much will the minimum wage increase?

Finally, we signed a collective agreement with more than 700,000 utility workers. It is very important. This contract is also a model for private sector workers. The Minimum Wage Commission is a commission of which we are members on behalf of employers, trade unions and the public. This committee makes decisions. We evaluate according to the decisions of the commission. Now it would not be morally correct for me to explain the numbers from here. I say it; The fact that Turkey maintains a purchasing power of $500 at the minimum wage is reflected not only in minimum wage workers but also in other workers.

There are many different people who have the status of a serf. The general manager of this place wants to leave Bagkur. Let’s say you have a business. A hairdresser who has two people working next to him. Small merchant. We will reduce microbusiness premium days to 7200.

When will all salaries be paid in EYT?

At EYT, we have reached over 1 million. I thought it would be over by the end of this month. It ends at the latest next month. There will be no loss.”

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