Council of Ministers of West Azerbaijan GZTC was held – News Detail

ANKARA (IGFA) – On March 10, 2020, a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers was held on the occasion of the second anniversary of the formation of the government of the Republic of Goyche-Zengezur.

Deputy President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mehmet Ali Arslan and members of the Turkish cabinet attended the meeting held in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, chaired by President Tunzale Celebi. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan participated online. The meeting began with a moment of silence in memory of those killed in the earthquake in Turkey.

At the meeting, where the activities of the State Customs Committee for the first two years were discussed, an assessment was made of domestic and foreign policy, the socio-economic development of Goyche-Zengezur.

At the meeting, where very important decisions were made, the priority was taken or to be taken important steps towards the independence of the country.

After detailed explanations and speeches by President Chelebi and Foreign Minister Arslan about the new system, the ministers in the Cabinet spoke about their plans and projects. At the meeting, which was called “the economy is necessary for the survival of the state,” the theme of the vital importance of the economy of the state and the banking system came to the fore. The views of the GZTS for the near future, the formation of a new cabinet and the creation of a national assembly were again conveyed.

In making statements to the press regarding the decisions made after the meeting, President Tunzale Çelebi said that they would heal their wounds together. Stating that they mobilized all their efforts from the first moments of the disaster, Celebi said: “Our history and our destiny are the same, where our brother is, there we are. We were not and will not be among those who saw the difficulties and ran away.”

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