Covid-19 measures lifted – Last Minute Turkey & World News

SAFAKNA TURKEY- In the Netherlands, the government has announced the lifting of all measures, including testing and quarantine, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

A statement posted on the government website said that all measures to combat Covid-19 in the country have been canceled on the recommendation of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) and the Social Impact Team (MIT).

The statement lifted the obligation to test for those with symptoms and the quarantine requirement for those who test positive.

In a statement saying that very few people are experiencing serious discomfort due to Covid-19, “Covid-19 no longer causes significant social and economic problems” expression was used.

Minister of Health Ernst Kuipers‘from “With the lifting of the latest measures, we have left behind a special period that we will not quickly forget” The statement emphasized that society has acquired immunity through vaccination and prior transmission of the disease.

The statement indicated that no new doses of the vaccine would be produced and that the vaccination and testing centers run by the municipalities would be closed.

Due to Covid-19, which was first encountered in the Netherlands on February 27, when someone returned from the Lombardy region in northern Italy, 8,600,120 of the tests carried out so far have been positive and 22,992 people have died.

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