Credit volume of the banking sector increased last week

SHAFAQNA TURKEY- According to the weekly bulletin published by the Agency for Banking Regulation and Supervision (BDDK), the volume of loans in the sector increased by 107 billion 813 million lira as of January 13. During this period, the total amount of credit increased from 7 trillion 573 billion 417 million lira to 7 trillion 681 billion 230 million lira.

The total volume of deposits in the banking sector (including interbank deposits) increased last week by 224 billion 314 million liras. The total deposits of the banking sector, which increased by 2.5 percent during the week, amounted to 9 trillion 83 billion 302 million liras.

The amount of consumer loans increased to 1 trillion 107 billion 477 million lira

According to the data, the amount of consumer loans increased by 13 billion 717 million liras as of January 13 to 1 trillion 107 billion 477 million liras. 361 billion 483 million lira of these loans consisted of loans for housing, 51 billion 233 million lira for vehicles and 694 billion 761 million lira for consumer loans.

During this period, the amount of commercial installment loans increased by 4 billion 931 million liras and reached 981 billion 435 million liras. Accounts receivable of banks on personal credit cards increased by 2.8 percent to 463 billion 825 million liras. 227 billion 727 million lire of receivables from personal credit cards were in installments, and 236 billion 98 million lire were not in installments.

Legal justice increased

According to weekly BRSA data, NPLs in the banking sector increased by 1 billion 382 million lira compared to the previous week and reached 161 billion 653 million lira as of January 13. A special provision has been made for 140 billion 656 million Turkish Liras of non-performing loans.

During the same period, the authorized capital of the banking system increased by 7 billion 754 million liras and reached 1 trillion 663 billion 60 million liras.

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