Critical Straits Solution

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Turkey will request a letter stating that their insurance will include ships carrying crude oil that will pass through the straits in bulk.

According to a letter from the Department of Transportation seen by Bloomberg, the ships in question will send a letter from the insurance companies to the Coast Guard, including ship, cargo and voyage details, stating that the insurance will be valid and includes that ship, voyage and cargo, to their cruise plans.

The rule will come into force on December 1, a few days before the entry into force of EU sanctions that affect the transportation of Russian oil.

The letter emphasized that the disruption of insurance processes for ships carrying crude oil after a possible accident could lead to a shutdown of the supply chain in the straits, so it was decided that an additional letter of confirmation would be the most costly. – effective and reasonable solution.


A Coast Guard spokesman confirmed the letter, saying compliance with EU sanctions was behind the move.

The official said that the decision could affect Russian tankers if they have difficulty meeting the necessary insurance conditions.

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