Cryptocurrency world is in shock!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Cryptocurrency companies began to appear one after another. Shaking confidence in cryptocurrencies, a big recession, losses experienced during a period of high inflation, and the appearance of constant hard sell-offs on upward movements began to finish off the crypto-monetary sector.

Cryptocurrencies, which peaked in November 2021, have fallen by about 60-70 percent and show no signs of recovery.

Investors suffered big losses because of those who presented themselves as analysts, but tried to guide investors as they saw fit, without being subject to any regulation.


Cryptocurrency lending company Genesis Capital has filed for bankruptcy protection. An application for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection was filed yesterday in the Southern District Court of New York.

Digital Currency Group, the main shareholder of Genesis Capital, has been negotiating with creditors to overcome the liquidity crisis. However, as it turns out, the company filed for bankruptcy protection due to negative negotiations.

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