Current Gasoline and Diesel Prices (March 15, 2023)

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Due to changes in Brent oil prices and exchange rates, citizens continue to monitor gasoline and diesel prices.

According to NTV news, as of midnight in the group of diesel fuel there was a decrease in prices by 71 kurush, and the change was reflected in the prices of pumps.

Gasoline prices have not changed.

According to current fuel pump prices; In Istanbul, a liter of diesel fuel is sold at 20.88 lira.

A liter of gasoline is sold at an average of 20.48 lire.

How are fuel prices calculated?

When calculating petrol and diesel prices in Turkey; Adding the share of SCT and EMRA to the duty free price of the refinery results in the selling price of the refinery excluding VAT.

The duty-free refinery price calculation takes into account the daily prices of Mediterranean CIF products published on the Mediterranean-Italian market and the daily dollar exchange rate to arrive at the marginal selling price of the duty-free refinery at a certain difference in price change. WORLD

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