Dark circles around the eyes can be a sign of illness

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The area around the eyes is affected by many structural causes, diseases and external factors, and unwanted dark circles can appear. One of them may be a hernia of the underlying structures due to age-related sagging of the skin and a decrease in its tissue. In this case, a dark appearance may develop due to shading. Excessive work of the muscles around the eyes can also cause this appearance, especially wrinkles. Vascular structures are easily visible in the presence of thin skin and become more visible in cases such as fatigue and insomnia. These areas can be affected in certain skin conditions, atopic eczema, and allergic contact eczema.


Melasma caused by sunlight and hormonal causes; Melanosis, which can also develop structurally, that is, there may be an excessive accumulation of melanin, giving the skin or tissues a brownish-black appearance.

It may also be associated with weight gain, internal diseases, and cancer. Myeloma, a type of blood cancer, can also appear as darkening under the eyes. In other words, it could be a symptom of a very serious illness or even cancer. In addition, spotting may develop as a side effect of the drugs used. A substance used to lengthen eyelashes and also used to treat glaucoma can cause blemishes in and around the eyes.


Finding the cause is the first step. Then, if there is redness and inflammation, medical procedures are used, if there is vasodilation, laser, light, radio frequency systems, if there are spots, medical, peeling, laser, light systems are often used. The main thing is to improve the quality of the skin, tighten the skin and support it with special ingredients. For this, peeling, PRP, aprf, iprf, mesotherapy and carboxytherapy of this area, stem cells, exosomes, nanofats are made. While Botox opens up wrinkles, fillers close gaps. Rope applications, radiofrequency with gold needles and microneedling provide skin tightening and restructuring. In cases where results cannot be obtained, a surgical approach is recommended. PRP and its new advanced systems are known to be prepared with the desired quality as an application that has been used for years, and when applied by experienced experienced hands, more effective results than new devices are obtained, although they vary by person. It is important to provide a beneficial effect on the supporting tissue through non-harmful approaches that make our skin better. Treatments can also be combined, depending on the location.


If, despite a healthy lifestyle, dark circles still occur, I would like to tell our patients about some tricks that are more or less known and useful to all of us, which are recommended to patients in all world-famous clinics, as well as about treatment methods. Need a full and high-quality sleep. We can take melatonin support and the necessary precautions. If there are newly appeared dark circles and bags under the eyes, the use of a pillow during sleep, cold compresses with a cold spoon, cucumber slices that provide water and vitamin C support from our mothers, and another tea bag that we drink that provide caffeine and antioxidant content to the eyelids, cooling them. It is also recommended to use a massage that supports blood circulation in the eye area. If, despite all this, the condition does not improve, it may be recommended to use a concealer to balance out the dark color until treatment arrives. OZONE THERAPY VITAMIN C AND GLUTATION SUPPORT Any approach that supports our overall health will also beautify our eye area. In addition to intravenous glutathione and vitamin C, ozone therapy can also help improve the appearance of this area. These practices are the mainstay, and most importantly, that a person can secure and live healthy living conditions.

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