DASK: more than 30,000 damage reports

Selva Eren, general manager of SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Turkish Institute of Reinsurance and Disaster Insurance (DASK), said that over 30,000 refund notices have been processed to date and they have made the first refund payment before 24 hours after the earthquake. .

The Institute for Disaster Insurance (DASK) said more than 30,000 damage reports were received as a result of the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras.

Selva Eren, CEO of Türk Reinsurance & Natural Disaster Insurance Institution, said they started appointing experts and made the first damage payment within 24 hours of the earthquake. Eren noticed that they were continuing to pay damages.

Eren stated that the TCIP seismic truck first settled in Kahramanmaras and began service, while other mobile offices will operate from February 13.

Stating that the earthquake funds accumulated as of February 10 were at the level of 23 billion Turkish liras, Eren stated that, taking into account the reinsurance protection added to this amount under the insurance method, the total solvency is 117 billion Turkish liras.

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