Death after Botox stomach!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The investigation was launched after some patients who received gastric Botox at a private hospital in Tuzla developed symptoms such as double vision, high blood pressure and nausea. During the research, it was found that patients who received gastric botox were most often operated on in Istanbul and Izmir, and a total of 31 people, including patients in different provinces and districts, had the same problems.


Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement on his social media account: “It has been reported that there are patients who went to different hospitals due to side effects after receiving gastric Botox for the treatment of obesity. After that, extraordinary emergency inspections of the centers where this treatment was applied were carried out by the respective departments of the Istanbul Health Authority and the Izmir Health Authority.

Stating that the products used in the treatment were confiscated and examined, Koca said: “During these inspections, it was found that these patients were interfering with the GSM Gisbir Health Center Private Hospital operating in Istanbul and the Batı Anadolu Private Medical Center operating in in Izmir. , and the products used in the treatment were confiscated and examined. An assessment by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency reports that a batch of the product in question is approved for import, but its use in gastric botox is considered off-label. The activities of the relevant departments of both medical institutions have been suspended, and an investigation has been launched against the persons involved. This issue is closely monitored by our ministry. Our injured patients received the necessary treatment and are under observation.


Yesterday, 46-year-old Aylar Korkhanova from Turkmenistan, who was being treated at a Tuzla hospital, died in the hospital.

Korkhanova, who underwent surgery on February 25, was discharged some time later. On March 4, a woman who felt discomfort in her stomach went to the hospital, where she underwent surgery and received treatment. Korkhanova, whose condition worsened, was taken to intensive care.

The month of Korkhanov passed away yesterday. After an examination, his body was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine. Relatives of the deceased woman complained about the doctors who performed the operation and about the hospital management.


According to information received from the police, on March 3, the management of the hospital in Tuzla, the doctor of the TsKE, the doctor who performed the operation, Sh.Sh. and owner of an anti-obesity company, S.T. detained and confiscated 6 drugs used before and during the operation.

CCE and Ş.Ş. After a trial, he was released by the judiciary. K.T. was released under judicial review. On March 10, the seized drugs were transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for the necessary examination.


After the death of a Turkmen woman, the head physician of the TsKE hospital and the head physician of the hospital M.Yu. was caught and detained. A criminal case has been initiated against those suspected of committing the crime of “negligent homicide”. The trials of the suspects are ongoing.

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