Decision to Increase Natural Gas Services – Last Minute Turkey and World News

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Energy Market Regulatory Council (EMRA) has published its decision to determine the prices included in the Procedures and Principles for Connection and Service Fees for the Natural Gas Distribution Sector for 2023 by setting upper limits for said fees. The caps, which will come into effect on January 1, 2023, have been raised from 83.33 percent to 84.74 percent from the previous year.

Accordingly, the marginal prices excluding VAT and the rate of increase were:


Connection subscription fee: TL 2,135 (84.36%)

Additional subscription fee for connection: 1.857 TL/100 m2 (84.40%)

Connection control and approval fee: TL 1.457 (for the first 100m) (84.43%)

Connection control and approval fee: TL 9 (for each additional 1m) (83.67%)

Warranty fee: 1352 TL/pc. (84.44%)

Deposit oven: 1.199 TL/house (84.46%)

Centralized Collateral System: 1,199 TL/BBS (84.46%)

Guarantee fee January: TL 77 (83.33%)

Water heater deposit: 153 TL (84.33%)

Prepaid meter replacement fee: 684 TL (84.36%)

The cost of opening and closing the counter: 66 Turkish Liras (83.33%).

Cost of dismantling the service box: 581 TL (84.44)


Meters type G4, G6: 116 TL/pcs. (84.12)

Meters type G10, G16, G25: 218 TL/pc. (84.74%)

Meters type G40, G65, G100: 433 TL/pc. (84.25%)

Meters type G160, G250, G400: 660 TL/pc. (84.35%)

Meter types larger than G400: 889 TL/pcs. (84.43%)

Column line: 116 TL/draft. (84.12%)

EMRA also announced an advance service fee for the project, which was not estimated last year, at 39 Turkish Lira per project for 2023.

Distribution companies will be required to publish the price caps defined in the EMRA decision indefinitely on the home page of their websites without any access restrictions and in an easily accessible place.

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