Dental students from 70 countries meet in TRNC – News Details

TRNC (IGFA) – The 69th Semester Congress of the International Association of Dental Students (IADS), representing over 200,000 dental students from around 70 countries, will be organized by the North Cyprus Dental Students Association (NCADS) from 19 to 24 February 2023.

The decision to hold a congress, which will bring together dental students from all over the world in the TRNC, was taken as a result of elections, for which 30 countries voted.

NCADS President Dentist Ozel Baysen, NCADS General Secretary Dentist Serra Ozdenak and NCADS Foreign Affairs Alumni who attended the International Student Dental Union Congress held in Jordan participated in the nomination process for the North Cyprus Dental Students Union Congress. Dental Trainee Bersun Elif Ozer, who is responsible for this, started it.


For the 69th semester of the Congress of the International Association of Students of Dentistry (IADS), the students’ unions of Tunisia and India, as well as the TRNC, put forward their candidacies. As a result of the elections, in which 30 countries voted, it was decided by a majority vote to hold the 69th semester of the Congress in the TRNC, organized by NCADS.

Successful representation of NCADS at the second congress held in Almaty, Kazakhstan by Near East University Dentistry students, NCADS social affairs intern, Ali El Qasim and one of his alumni, 2021-2022. National student exchange officer, dentist Nazgol Ravanbakhsh. of the determining factors.


Private dentist Baisen (NCADS President), trainee dentist Sedat Burak Gültepe (NCADS General Secretary) in the organizing committee of the international congress, which will be held at the Acapulco Resort Hotel from February 19 to 24, 2023, chaired by dentist Mustafa Hadcilar (NCADS 2018 – President 2019 .), Dentist Ismet Ersalici (NCADS President 2020-2021), Dentist Serra Ozdenak (NCADS General Secretary 2021-2022), Intern Dentist Bersun Elif Ozer (NCADS Foreign Affairs Officer), Dentist Emre Unlü (2020-2021 NCADS Head) editor), Dental Intern Barysh Shendur (NCADS Finance Officer) and Dental Intern Ali El Qasim (Social Affairs Officer NCADS).

Associate Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Near East University Assoc. Dr. Ozai Onyoral emphasized that it is a great achievement and pride to be able to host and hold such an important congress in Northern Cyprus, aimed at strengthening the international communication network.

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