Diagnosed at 15 years old, looks 20 years older

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – 20-year-old Enes Chenneter, who lives in the village of Belyucham Mahallezi, Dekhliz village, Pazardzhik district, wants to get rid of the disease that began at the age of 15 and complicated his life. Senneter, who said that everyone looks like 40-year-olds or Afghans, said he wants to get rid of this disease, and if there is a cure, then he wants to be treated.

Senneter said: “They say that my disease is the disease of consanguineous marriages. A disease called pachydermoperiostosis. There is the growth of arms, legs and feet. This creates wrinkles and an old look on my forehead. The doctors said that because of the consanguineous marriage, I got harmful genes that are permanently imitated in the genes, both from the mother and from the father. In everyday life, I push because my legs and arms swell. The appearance of my face negatively affects me,” he said.


Mentioning that it was a disease that appeared at the age of 15, Senneter said: “It is an unknown disease and all I want is to be cured if there is a cure. In my research, I learned that this is a disease that lasts 10 years. It will probably last up to 25 years. I do not fully understand this change, because I always see myself the same. I can’t walk much. I work in an ice cream shop. I have a lot of aches and pains because I am standing,” he said.

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