Diesel price hike expected

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – According to the decision of the State Customs Service, which came into force last week, the amount of tax levied on the price of a liter of unleaded gasoline increased to 7.52 lira, and the amount of tax levied on the price of a liter of diesel fuel increased to 7.05 lira. Although this situation caused a strong reaction, it was reported that on Friday diesel fuel will be increased by 1.55 cents.


According to current fuel pump prices; In Istanbul, a liter of diesel fuel is sold at 32.3 lira. A liter of gasoline is sold at an average of 34.05 lira.


When calculating petrol and diesel prices in Turkey; Adding the share of SCT and EMRA to the duty free price of the refinery results in the selling price of the refinery excluding VAT. The duty-free refinery price calculation takes into account the daily prices of Mediterranean CIF products published on the Mediterranean-Italian market and the daily dollar exchange rate to arrive at the marginal selling price of the duty-free refinery at a certain difference in price change.

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