Diesel Price Rise Coming – Last Minute Turkey & World News

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – Due to changes in Brent oil prices and exchange rates, citizens continue to monitor gasoline and diesel prices. Finally, starting February 23, there is a 48-cent discount on gasoline.

This time, diesel prices are expected to rise by 91 cents from Saturday. No price changes are expected in the gasoline group.

According to the current prices of fuel pumps, the cost of a liter of diesel fuel in Istanbul is 20.63 Lira. A liter of gasoline is sold at an average of 20.48 lire.

Fuel prices are calculated by refineries based on average prices for refined products in the Mediterranean market, including Turkey, and changes in the dollar. As a result of this calculation, the prices applied by distribution companies may vary slightly between companies and cities due to competition and freedom.

After EMRA filed a criminal case against EPGIS, the only union to announce price changes, the union announced that it would not share information about fuel price changes with citizens until the lawsuit was completed.

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