Discount 1 lira and 2 cents on fuel

SHAFAQNA TURKEY. Volatility in fuel prices persists depending on changes in oil prices and dollar exchange rates. After a double discount of 60 cents on diesel and gasoline on January 27, the price fell again. As of today’s midnight, the discount on diesel fuel is 1 lira and 2 cents.

HOW MUCH LIRA WAS A LITER OF ENGINE After the price change, a liter of diesel fuel dropped to 22 lira and 50 cents in Istanbul, 22 lira to 77 cents in Ankara and 22 lira to 82 cents in Izmir.

FUEL PRICE IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING On January 17, gasoline was increased by 67 cents, on January 18, 1 lira of diesel fuel was increased by 5 cents, and on January 25, gasoline was increased by 1 lira 25 cents. January 27 received a discount of 60 cents on gasoline and diesel fuel.

HOW FUEL PRICE IS CALCULATED When calculating petrol and diesel prices in Turkey; Adding the share of SCT and EMRA to the duty free price of the refinery results in the selling price of the refinery excluding VAT.

The duty-free refinery price calculation takes into account the daily prices of Mediterranean CIF products published on the Mediterranean-Italian market and the daily dollar exchange rate to arrive at the marginal selling price of the duty-free refinery at a certain difference in price change.

EPGIS DECIDES NOT TO Announce Price Changes After EPDK filed a criminal case against EPGIS, the only union to announce a price change, the union said it would not share fuel price changes with citizens until the lawsuit was completed. .

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