Dollar – euro how much today?

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The dollar/Turkish lira is trading at 18.61 after the day started unchanged.

Moving in the 18.57-18.64 range yesterday, the dollar/Turkish lira closed the day at 18.6082, slightly above the previous close.

The dollar/Turkish lira is trading at 18.6110, slightly above the previous close, after a new day started flat.

Euro/Turkish lira traded at 19.3990 up 0.3% and at 22.1640 down 0.1%.

The dollar index is currently at 106.4, slightly above the previous close, while the euro/dollar parity is trading at 1.0390, up 0.3%.

Analysts note that asset price volatility has increased due to increased geopolitical risks, despite rising expectations that inflation has peaked in the US.

In money market pricing, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) is projected to raise interest rates by 50 basis points with an 85 percent chance and 75 basis points with a 15 percent chance, while the 10-year US bond yield, which is seen as recession signal for the future, and treasury bill yield 3. The difference is minus 27 basis points.

Analysts note that the country’s home price index and retail sales in the United States, data on industrial production and capacity utilization abroad, as well as oral instructions from representatives of the Fed and the ECB will be released today, in addition to events related to the rocket that fell in Poland. , is in the focus of investors’ attention.

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