Dollar exchange rate, 20TL… – Last Minute Türkiye and World News

SHAFAQNA TURKEY – The dollar/Turkish lira was up more than 0.50% in the morning session to 20.28.

After 08.15, the exchange rate quickly retreated and again fell below the level of 20 lira. The exchange rate is currently trading at 19.84 lira.

The dollar was seen above 20 lira with a quick move in the morning session and then closed the day at 19.82.

The Euro/Turkish Lira, on the other hand, is worth 21.46, close to the previous close. The euro fell below 21.50 after climbing above 22 lire this morning.

On the other hand, at the Grand Bazaar, the US dollar per Turkish lira is 20.60 and the euro per Turkish lira is over 22.20.

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