Earliest sign of bowel cancer: 89% seen

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Intestinal cancer, like other types of cancer, progresses insidiously. One of the first signs of bowel cancer is a change in the color of the stool. According to a study conducted in England, discoloration of the stool, which is an early sign of bowel cancer, is observed in 89% of cases. The resulting statistics highlight the need to watch for unusual changes in stool.

Colon cancer describes a severe condition that begins in the colon. As with all types of cancer, early detection greatly increases your chances of effective treatment. You need to know the signs of bowel cancer for early detection.


While bowel cancer can present in a variety of ways, including feeling bloated, changes in bowel habits, and abdominal pain, one of the most common symptoms is blood in the stool. The presence of blood in the stool is also called hematochezia.

Experts say that blood in the stool can be an early sign that you can look for in hopes of diagnosing the problem at an early, more treatable stage. Studies have included discoloration of the stool and blood in the stool as early signs of bowel cancer.


Bowel cancer can also cause extraintestinal symptoms that you may not immediately associate with bowel cancer, including extreme fatigue, weight loss, and loss of appetite.


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