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SAFAKNA TURKEY – A special specialist in internal medicine at Ümit Batıkent Hospital, who recommends that everyone undergo preventive check-ups at regular intervals from the age of 18. Gökçe Kundakçı Income told what you need to know about the check-up, that is, the general health examination. Stating that the check includes general and complex examinations carried out in order to obtain information about the state of human health, dr. Goekce Kundakci Inkom explained what he was investigating as follows:

“During a preventive examination with the help of blood and urine tests, they check: they do a general blood test one to one; It is checked if there is anemia, vitamins, blood sugar, cholesterol, salt levels, kidney and liver values, if there is significant anemia or problems with blood cells, how the thyroid gland works, if there is an infection or bleeding in the urine. Is there a problem in terms of rheumatic values; Check if they have contagious diseases. Ultrasound of the abdomen and thyroid gland is performed to detect enlargement of the liver and spleen. Whether there are abnormalities or nodes in the thyroid gland, they are checked with tests. An X-ray of the heart is necessarily done, an examination by a cardiologist is carried out, echocardiography is checked, and the force of contraction of the heart is checked. In addition, chest x-rays are performed in female patients; Breast ultrasound and mammography. Oncological screening is carried out, screening studies are carried out for breast, ovarian and colon cancer in women, in men; Screening studies for prostate, colon, and pancreas cancers are being conducted. in obstetrics; smear and ultrasound examinations are being carried out, and additional urological examinations are being carried out for male patients.”

A statement that if a negative result is found during the general medical examination, additional examinations are requested. Income, “Iron deficiency in postmenopausal women or men is also checked for iron deficiency; You need to be screened for cancer of the stomach and intestines. Endoscopy, colonoscopy and tomography, lung function tests are some of the advanced examinations.

Stating that a person who comes in the morning on an empty stomach can complete all procedures on the same day, D. Income said that all test results are also available within 2 days. A statement that the examination can be carried out once a year between the ages of 20 and 40, and if everything is normal, then at longer intervals. “However, after age 40, I definitely recommend having a check-up once a year to look at the whole body as a whole,” he said.

Stating that the purpose of the general health examination is to reveal a latent problem that has not yet manifested, internal medicine specialist Dr. S. Gokce Kundakci Komes: “A number of preliminary results of this general health examination give us the opportunity to take precautions against diseases. Thus, it is possible to restore health with early treatment before the disease progresses. With diseases such as diabetes; when the finds are determined from people who are still on the border; These diseases can also be prevented,” he said.

“Instead of hiding the problem, it is necessary, for example, to first find the source of the problem; People with iron deficiency can be cured, but before that, it is better to find out the cause of the iron deficiency and try to correct the problem. At this point, the importance of inspection is understood.”

Recalling that when examining a person, they examine in general and in great detail, doctor. Income ended his words like this: “For example; When we find cancer early, we become very ill, or the patient has diabetes or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or severe anemia without realizing it. The treatment that specialist doctors prescribe to address these problems found after examination is effective in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

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