Eating chicken in this way slowly poisons it!

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Assoc. Dr. Murat Dogan and Res. See. Samples taken by Ayse Seray Çetin from a cutting board in the kitchen of 20 artisan restaurants showed amazing results. Commenting on the topic, Assoc. Dr. Murat Dogan stated that if a cutting board is not properly cleaned, Salmonella and E. coli bacteria can grow on it.

Food goes through many processes from the place of production to the table. Emphasizing that in order to obtain safe and healthy food, personnel working in the food industry must be properly trained in matters such as general hygiene, sanitation, personal hygiene and cleanliness, and environmental cleanliness. Dr. Murat Dogan said:

“Problems arising from improper handling of raw materials, especially micro-organisms in the environment and poor hygiene conditions in food plants, can lead to food safety and serious health problems. Res. See. Together with Ayse Serai Çetin, we conducted a study of cutting boards that are in direct contact with food in 20 artisan restaurants operating in different parts of Istanbul.

The detection of microorganisms that can cause food poisoning and even infections in samples taken from cutting boards suggests that these food production sites may pose a potential public health food safety hazard. In addition, poorly washed hands, surfaces of cutting boards and knives, pathogens such as salmonella and E. coli can also grow in food and infect people.”

Author’s restaurants, which are home-style, handed down from father to son and are the indispensable address of home cooking, are categorized as places of mass consumption and have declared that they are responsible for applying the rules of the “Principles of Hygiene and Good Practice”. Guide to Places of Mass Consumption, published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. See. Ayse Seray Çetin stressed that hygiene rules should not be ignored.

Çetin said: “Microorganisms use food as a vehicle for transmission to humans. In addition, eating foods such as lettuce that are eaten raw without heat treatment can lead to food poisoning and infections due to contamination of the factors in question. Harmful factor in a food product for other food products; There are several rules that must be followed to prevent contamination of hands, tools and equipment. One of them is the choice of cutting board depending on the material used.”

He stated that the colors of the cutting board should be as follows:

Red: raw red meat,
Yellow: raw poultry meat,
Green: raw vegetables and fruits,
Blue: raw seafood,
White: milk and dairy products,
Brown: It should be used for baking.

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