Economist Selçuk Geçer explained

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Although the dollar index fell after the decision of the Central Bank on the interest rate, the dollar/Turkish lira continued to follow the horizontal rate. How much a dollar will cost has always been a matter of curiosity. Well-known economist Selçuk Geçer explained, whose comments about the dollar always attract attention.

In a statement on his social media account, Selçuk Geçer stated that “the chances for the dollar to rise have been destroyed. In the US, a signal was given for inflationary tension. If we put aside the extraordinary situations that may arise in the future, the dollar will depreciate. However, the dollar will not fall in Turkey,” he said.


Economist Gecher argues that the dollar will rise with every speech. In another post, he said: “If we see very high inflation that suddenly develops in the US, for example, an average range of 8.5-9%, then we may see an upward dollar index again, albeit with a low probability.”

The dollar index started the day up 0.225 today. In the new week, it is also trading at 106.135. Selçuk Geçer insisted that the dollar would be worth 35 Turkish lira and said: “It seems that the US has slowed down inflation. In the coming months, on average it could be 3-4 months, this process will continue in Turkey until the dollar depreciates.”

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