Economists: ‘Another 10 US banks could fail’

SHAFAQNA TURKEY- Everyone is looking for the answer to the same question: “Will the present return to the 2008 global banking crisis?” While the White House economic headquarters held a meeting after the meeting; The Federal Reserve System (FRS) has announced that it will make payments to SVB customers. However, 85 percent of deposits in SVB were not insured. Moreover, SVB is not the only bank in the “uninsured deposit”.

In a conversation with Emre Ergül of the newspaper Dünya, international financial experts draw attention to the report of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) at the end of 2022.

“The higher the uninsured deposits, the worse the situation,” experts say, pointing to Signature Bank, which has a trustee. After declaring itself “strong” by the end of 2022, SB shares fell 12 percent last Thursday and 24 percent on Friday.

Yesterday morning the news came of a trustee. The MOH’s uninsured deposit rate is reportedly 89.7 percent. In this situation, another 10 banks are at risk. Experts “The numbers are bad, but it still doesn’t mean that banks are in danger, going bankrupt or taking big losses.” he spoke carefully.

According to the news, the 10 banks facing bankruptcy are as follows:

First Republic (California)

Ellie Finance (Delaware)

Dime Community (New York)

Pacific Premier (California)

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