EIT’li hike in shock!

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – The rate of increase in the minimum wage and official salaries of civil servants in July has been determined. The increase in pensions was also determined at a rate of 25 percent from yesterday. In a proposal submitted by the Justice and Development Party to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the EYT was shocked by the rise, but there was a wonderful comment on Article B of the proposal.


At the suggestion of the Justice and Development Party, an article on pensions was adopted yesterday by the Planning and Budget Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. When the proposal becomes law, the pension will be increased by 25 percent. However, it has been argued that those who retired under the EYT will not be able to take advantage of this increase, as the increase includes pensions paid up to January 2023. There hasn’t been an official statement on the matter yet, but comments have been made on social media such as “Should EYT retirees eat rocks.”

On the other hand, journalist Özgur Akbash said: “I got confused because the sentence containing the creation of the article was not very clear.” He shared the proposal articles by making comments.

On his Twitter account, Akbash said:

“More than 15 million retirees, including EYT members, will benefit from the pension increase. Confused because the sentence containing the article was not very clear. But there is clear information that all pensioners will receive a 25 percent increase in July, by the way, here I am leaving a petition …

In part b) of the proposal, which includes a 25 percent increase for pensioners from insurance and Bagh Kur; The phrase starting with “Remuneration due in 2023” also includes EYT members…”

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