Elon Musk’s fortune loss hit the Guinness Book of Records

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Elon Musk went down in history as the most unlucky person in the world. Guinness called Musk “the man who suffered the biggest loss of personal wealth in history.”

Tesla and the CEO of Twitter lost a huge fortune last year. Guinness said in a press release on Friday that Musk had officially broken the world record for “the largest loss of personal wealth in history.”


Forbes recently calculated that Musk’s net worth was down $183 billion in just over a year, while Bloomberg reported that his net worth was about $200 billion.

The previous record before Musk was broken by Softbank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son in 2000. $58.6 billion was stricken from Masayoshi Son’s fortune. The collapse of Musk’s fortune was more than 3 times the previous record.


Musk’s net worth peaked in November 2021, reaching $340 billion, according to Bloomberg estimates. But Tesla shares, which make up the bulk of Musk’s fortune, have plummeted in the past year. Tesla’s share price has fallen 65 percent in 2022. The fall accelerated after Musk bought Twitter in October.

However, Musk also lost his position as the richest man in the world. Musk’s place on the list was taken by Bernard Arnault, owner of the French Louis Vuitton. According to Forbes’ latest estimate, Musk’s net worth is around $144.4 billion.

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