ENAG: 170 percent annual inflation

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The Inflation Research Group (ENAG), independently created by academics and economists, released inflation data for November.

Consumer inflation (E-CPI) declined to 170.70 percent year on year. Consumer inflation increased by 4.24 percent on a monthly basis.

According to the ENAG study, the growth since the beginning of the year amounted to 125.43 percent.

E-CPI was at 185 percent in October.

In terms of expenditure groups, the inflation rate in the category of clothing and footwear in November amounted to 15.4 percent. The increase in prices for household goods amounted to 14.26 percent, and for various goods and services – 9.02 percent.

Healthcare was the only category in which inflation declined from the previous month, down 0.08 percent. After health, there is a connection with an increase of 0.91 percent and transport with an increase of 1.41 percent.

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