Erdogan said that it does not happen that every university graduate finds a job…

SHAFAQNA Türkiye – The youth unemployment rate, which reached a record high in the history of the republic during the rule of the AKP, has been ranked among Turkey’s most pressing problems almost every year. Unemployed university graduates in a pinch waiting for work at the gates of İŞKUR!


Unemployment has become chronic due to the deepening economic crisis and the continuing impact of inflation. İŞKUR data for 2022 once again showed the point reached by unemployment. It was reported that 25 percent of those who applied for İŞKUR vocational courses hoping to find a job in 2022 had an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or an advanced degree.


In 2022, 514 vocational training courses were organized under İŞKUR. The courses were completed by 10,763 citizens, 54% of them women and 46% men. In 2022, interns benefited most from courses that were advertised as Job Guaranteed. Among those who benefit from vocational training courses, the share of those who prefer vocational training courses with job security was 97 percent.


The İŞKUR report also lists the occupations with the highest number of vocational trainees in 2022. The Weaving Machinery profession ranks first in the number of trainees, the Women’s Clothing Fashion Designer Assistant occupation ranks second with 1,249 trainees, and the Assembling profession ranks first in the number of trainees. third place with 453 trainees.

25% of those who are waiting for a job are university graduates.

The distribution of trainees who completed vocational courses according to their educational status was reminiscent of President Erdogan’s words: “There is no such thing as a job for everyone who graduates from university.” Accordingly, in 2022, 2,692 junior staff, bachelor’s and master’s graduates applied for vocational training courses for employment. The distribution of graduates and other trainees, who make up 25 percent of the total number of trainees, by their graduation status is as follows:

Illiterates: 12
Literate: 907
Primary education: 4 thousand 242
Secondary education: 2 thousand 910
Associate Degree: 959
License: 684 thousand
Master: 49

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