EU buys Russian oil products through Morocco and Tunisia

SAFAKNA TURKEY – The European Union, which has imposed an embargo on Russian oil and gas products, citing the Ukrainian crisis, continues to purchase Russian oil products through third countries.

The European Union, which prohibits the purchase of petroleum products directly from Russia, purchases Russian petroleum products through the countries of North Africa. This statement is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Sanctions imposed on Russia by Western states have forced Russia to divert oil exports to alternative markets.

Before the start of the special operation, about 60% of Russian exports of oil products were to European countries. However, from February 5, 2023, an annex on the maximum price for fuel and fuel oil from Russia came into force.

However, Russian imports of petroleum products to North African countries increased at a record high level.

Imports of oil products from Russia to Morocco, which in 2021 amounted to about 600,000 barrels, reached record levels and rose to 7.5 million barrels.

Similarly, Tunisia increased its imports from Russia last year and purchased 2.8 million barrels of Russian oil products in January of this year.

According to estimates, in February, Tunisia increased this figure to 3.1 million barrels.

Experts explain the growth in purchases of petroleum products from Russia by North African countries in January by the complete disappearance of the trade corridor due to sanctions.

It is unlikely that the consumption of petroleum products in North African countries increased more than 20 times last year.

Experts note that such large purchases of petroleum products are most likely sent to the European Union through the countries of North Africa.

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