European Partner City Award Chigli – News Details

IZMIR (IGFA) – The Municipality of Chigli in Izmir returned from Europe with the award for the fourth time in a row.

Mathieu Maury, Secretary General of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, delivered an opening speech.

The organization, which received 53 applications from 17 different countries, accepted applications from 21 municipalities. The municipality of Chigli, which is one of those whose applications were accepted for its efforts to combat pollution and climate change, has achieved great success, earning the city the title of “Partner City of the European Local Democracy Week”, one of the most prestigious awards in Europe . our country for 4 years in a row. The mayor of Utku Gyumryukchu received an award from the Municipality of Cigli.

The Carbon Inventory, Long Live Gediz Clean Water, Clean Food, We Are Sailing for the Future and İzmir Water Workshop projects, in which the municipality of Çigli is a member, have been included in the Good Practice Booklet published annually by the Council of Europe for distribution to participating municipalities .


Mayor Çigli Utku Gümrukçu made a presentation at the meeting, where best practices were shared with local administrators from Europe. In his presentation; He made statements on the goals and achieved points of the Carbon Inventory, Long Live Gediz Clean Water, Clean Food, We Float into the Future and Izmir Water Seminar projects.

The trailer for the documentary “Pink Guests”, the first documentary on flamingos in Turkey, prepared by the municipality of Cigli, was screened at the Council of Europe organization.

The participants highly appreciated the documentary about the flamingos in the Izmir Bird Sanctuary located within the borders of Çigli, their lives, the opportunities this region offers for flamingos and the enchanting natural beauty of the Gediz Delta.

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