Even companies can’t find cars anymore

SAFAKNA TURKEY – There was a car discount. Thus, discounts up to 70,000 lire were on the agenda. However, the townspeople are having a hard time finding new vehicles. Thus, citizens who turn to used cars complain about the high prices this time.

Despite discounts of up to 70,000 liras after the state’s tax base was reduced, the high prices of used cars, which citizens turned to when they could not find a new car, sent them to rent.

Due to the inability to find new cars and the exorbitant prices of used cars, consumers have also found a solution to turn to car rentals. Car rental companies sometimes couldn’t keep up with their customers.

Car rental operator Ahmet Muhammet Deran said that due to the pandemic, the global automotive industry is experiencing a shortage of chips and difficulties in finding new cars, but recent problems in Turkey are also due to falling prices. in relation to the location of the tax base: “We can’t find a new car either, citizens. There are no new cars in dealerships. They always disappear. For this reason, a citizen wants to buy a used car, but its price has risen too much due to increased demand. Citizens don’t want to buy used cars at that price. He comes to rent a car, but since we can’t supply new cars, we can’t give cars to our customers. The lack of zero vehicles must be eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, nobody’s business will work,” he said.

Mehmet Koçak, saying that he could not buy a car, he had to continue to use the minibus: “After the tax base was settled, I decided to buy a car. However, I couldn’t find a brand new car. I wanted to buy a used car, I looked at it and its price is too high, so I refused. I wanted to rent a car to show my business, but there is not even a rental car. Since I am stuck in the middle, we will continue to ride the minibus,” he said.

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