Every fifth death in Turkey is caused by cancer.

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Afyonkarahisar Provincial Health Director Specialist Dr. Serhat Korkmaz noted that every fifth death in Turkey is caused by cancer and drew attention to the importance of fighting alcohol, smoking and obesity in the fight against cancer.

Provincial Health Director Afyonkarahisar Specialist Dr. Serhat Korkmaz issued a written statement on the occasion of 4 February, World Cancer Day.

Listing in his statement what needs to be done in the fight against cancer, Dr. Korkmaz said: “Cancer is mainly caused by five behavioral and nutritional risk factors, such as tobacco use, a high body mass index (overweight or obesity), a diet low in fruits and vegetables, lack of physical activity and alcohol consumption.

However, today it is known that approximately one third of cancers can be prevented by avoiding risk factors and applying existing evidence-based prevention strategies. It is also well known that many types of cancer are more likely to be cured if diagnosed early and treated appropriately.

World Cancer Day aims to prevent millions of preventable deaths each year, both by raising awareness and education about cancer and by forcing governments and individuals around the world to take action against the disease. World Cancer Day is a campaign that aims to resonate, make a difference and activate action that will not be limited to a day of awareness but will continue into the days to come.

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