Everyone from 7 to 70 consume! They add bleach inside

SHAFAQNA TURKEY-Food scammers are not sitting idle again. Those mixed with milk and butter, which are staple foods, amazed those who heard it. It turned out that the bleach was added to extend the shelf life of the milk. Experts warned citizens to be more careful when buying milk and butter.

The accusations are terrible, food scammers play with the health of the consumer only to extend the shelf life of the product. It’s hard to believe, but bleach is even added to milk. Milk manufacturer Zekariah He stated that the biggest problem with milk is curdling and stated that many chemicals, carbonates and bleaches are used to prevent this.


The milk you buy from a staple food consumed by everyone from 7 to 70 years of age has even resulted in death due to food scammers. You can face many health problems, from sugar to blood pressure, from allergies to itching. To understand the catch in milk, the experts said that if there is water, it will be obvious that there is water around it. Speaking about the fact that milk will be like cream, experts stated that cream will be visible in unboiled milk.

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