Expert name alerted, do not stay indoors

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Faculty of Medicine of CHU Dean prof. Dr. Ahmet Alim made statements about the XBB 1.5 variant of the coronavirus that has spread in recent days.

prof. Dr. Ahmet Alim said in his statement, “The XBB 1.5 variant quickly eludes antibodies. It spreads very quickly among the masses in a closed environment. In the coming days, it will show its distribution a little more. The risk of death is low, but it is dangerous for people over 65 and people with weakened immune systems. made statements.

Arguing that one should not stay in a confined space for too long, prof. Dr. Ahmed Alim, “People should wear masks. Also, such people over 65 should not be taken indoors as often as possible. Even if we have to do this, hygiene and social distancing must be observed. Mask and distance rules are important until we get through this winter period. said.

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