Expert warns men

SAFAKNA TURKEY – Stating that men in Turkey usually prefer to carry their wallets in their back pockets, physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Arzu Dinc Yavash, wallets in the back pocket to curvature of the spine He said why.

All in all wallets in the back pocket, can cause various health problems. Especially when you sit for a long time with a wallet in your back pocket, sits imbalances occur. This imbalance transferred to the spine and muscles.

Claiming that thick wallets carried in the pocket create pressure at the exit point of an area called the sciatic nerve in the thigh, Dr. K. Arzu Dinc Yavash, “Due to deep pains in the hip joints because of this, our patients begin to have difficulty walking. In fact, if this situation continues for a long time, it causes them to try to walk with their hips out. made a statement.

Arzu Dinc Yavash stated that mostly male patients, although rarely, are approached with these complaints by women.Especially those who have to sit for a long time face this problem. Because they are more at risk. Driving a car is one of the professions with the highest prevalence of these diseases. Most drivers contact us. Our patients are often unaware that sitting with a wallet causes them pain. Especially we doctors wonder where you carry your wallet. This is the cause of the pain.” said.

How is it treated?

Emphasizing that patients can sometimes confuse purse-induced pain with a herniated disc, Dr. Instructor Member Yavash issued the following warnings to patients:

“Don’t carry your wallet in your pocket, never sit on a hard floor. Because such problems arise in people who sit on hard floors. For treatment, we recommend several exercises for the thigh muscles. You can perform muscle stretching, strengthening exercises, and massaging the area. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be used orally or as a cream to relieve pain and muscles. We also benefit from physiotherapy applications. Hot-cold applications on the thighs and electrotherapy currents also help us in the treatment plan. If the patient exercises regularly, positive results are usually achieved.”

Slow, “In addition, this condition is not age-related, it can be seen at any age. Another important point I would like to emphasize: Balanced sitting is very important for children during their developmental period. Because sitting is unbalanced by wallet, an imbalance in the seating surface can cause spinal curvature and scoliosis. This is why we ask young people to sit with both hips and both legs at the same level.” said.

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